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Great Sites That You Just Can't Put Down: The InfoPreneur

Ben Lumley - Friday, November 20, 2009

Here at The Smashing Business Blog we're all about sharing ideas and great ideas at that but we're also the first to admit that there are other great places online to find great content that will help you make the most of your online business. So we've come up with a great new way of sharing some of the fantastic sites we've come across to help inspire not only our business but yours as well. We call it "Great Sites That You Just Can't Put Down!"

Each month we're going to be review a different website or blog that will enable your to create a smashing business with ease. We'll look at what their site owners do, how they do it and most importantly how it can benefit your business. We really hope you enjoy this series and would love to hear what you think about it as well as your opinions of the sites we review in the comments.

To kick off the series, the first Great Site That You Just Can't Put Down that we're going to feature is.....(drumroll please)........ The InfoPreneur 

The InfoPreneur - Information for your Business 

Author: The InfoPreneur (aka James Richmond) 

Focus: Helping others with their business and providing the necessary information for free! 

What's Cool About The Infopreneur?

The InfoPreneur has, (at the time of writing,) only been going for 18 days and yet is getting huge amounts of interest from around the internet already, with retweets and comments on almost everything posted so far. James writes with great passion about how to make the most out of your online business or website and regularly refers to personal experiences in order to get his point across. He also uses some brilliant analogies to help explains things, like with his most recent post Promote your Website with the Military in which he uses the idea that you should treat your website or online business like a military operation!

The blog is really well written, with some great topics while maintain lots of fun and a splash of humour. 

Why The InfoPreneur will help your online business or website.

James puts in to plain English advice that every online business owner needs to hear. Don't expect post filler and mindless ramblings this blog is all about clear, concise advice direct from James' own experiences, that will inform inspire and engage you. 

Go check The InfoPreneur today and join this new and up and coming community. 

You can also follow The InfoPreneur on Twitter

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